Thursday, September 25, 2008

September weigh in 231

Yes I lost 14 pounds this month I am down to 231 that is a total weight loss of 74 pounds I am loving it. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have had a bit of a rough month health wise, I truly hope it does not have to do with my diet because I love low carbing. Within the past few month I have had a few really bad gallbladder attacks. I know why this last one happened and it was all my fault. a few weeks ago I was getting frustrated because of my stall that I decided to completely go off of the plan for a few days so I can restart it again and hopefully get the weight loss under control again. But my problem was when I got off of it I had lots of JUNK food. I had many hostess ding dong's and some good cookies and I just went crazy eating whatever I wanted. Well I believe by doing that caused me to have my worst gallbladder attack ever. I went to the Hospital to find out that I had gallbladder disease and pancreatitius it was bad I had to stay in the hospital for a few days to get the infections down. They have set up for me to have my Gallbladder removed on October 3rd but my Surgeon told me that in the meantime that I HAVE to eat low fat I was like I have been lowcarbing for so long that I have NO IDEA how to eat low fat. But I had to do it or I could have another attack. So I decided to get a bunch of lean cuisine meals because I saw on the box that there was not much fat in there, and I got some I cant believe it's not butter spray to put on my toast in the mornings and I bought some banana's and fruits I figure if I eat like that then I should be fine. which so far is working good for me. I told my Surgeon about my low carb diet and amazingly she said she thinks the low carb diet is a great diet and after my surgery she thinks that it will be perfectly fine to go back on it. I was so excited about that.

anyway Today I feel awesome I feel invincible I am losing weight doing my temporary low fat thing just as well as I have been losing low carb. I am now down to 234 pounds No more stalls and I can now cross my leggs lol, I know it sounds silly to be excited about crossing my leggs but I wasn't able to do that comfortably EVER that I can remember. so YAY me. I have lost a total of 71 pounds this year and I feel wonderful it is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I am getting so much closer to a 100 pounds loss every day. Everyone around me says I am disappearing. I am going to be skinny again one day and that is a reality to me now instead of a dream. I cant wait until that day that I can go shopping for regular clothes in any store that I go into. This is just wonderful I am so proud of myself.

Also, my bridesmaid dress came in it is a size 18 it is a little tight but I got it to zip all of the way up :) it wont be as tight on the wedding