Sunday, May 25, 2008

It has been a while since I wrote in here because I have not done much since I hurt my foot as far as working out at the gym. but shortly after that I did get a job as a preschool photographer. which is a very active job and earlier this month I started low carbing. watching my sugar and carb intake. I do not have a scale at home but I went to a store that has a scale and I weighed 275 so that is awesome, I have lost 30 pounds so far and almost all of that has come off since I started low carbing. I am also going to start going back to the gym on Tuesday on a regular basis and I will not weigh myself again for a month. I don't like to weigh in too often because I don't want to get bummed out if I don't lose a certain week so I will do it monthly, it is so much more exciting to step on the scale with a great weight loss then to see 1 or 2 pounds here and there.

With my 30 pound loss I have noticed that my clothes are getting to big for me, especially my pants and shorts which is a wonderful feeling. I am also starting to fit into some clothes that were to small for me. And my Husband Jeff said that my Butt is getting smaller :) :) :)
I know that I have a very long way to go and I am totally up for the challenge. my next mini goal is to lose at least 15 more pounds by June 25th I have a good feeling that I can do it. that will bring me down to 260 which will be a total loss of 45 pounds oh yea baby, I know I can do it..